Care instructions

Getting the best out of your garments requires a good deal of care and upkeep, otherwise they could lose their functionality and shorten their life span. You have a lot to gain from caring for your garments in the right way – comfort, safety and life span.
Damp garments Damp garments should be aired and dried slowly at room temperature. Leather garments should never be heat-dried. Avoid drying cabinets and radiators.
Leather garments Leather garments should never dry out completely. Dry fibres can split and break more easily at extreme wear and tear, like during an accident, for example. Use lubricant regularly. The fibres then retain their natural elasticity. Clean the leather with a mild soap solution or leather soap when required, such as Nikwax Leather Cleaner®.
Textile garments Textile garments are washed in accordance with the washing instructions provided. Never use a household soap or detergent for cleaning. Only use a pure soap or specialist product such as Nikwax Tech Wash®. Always remove the armour before washing. The outer garment should be re-impregnated after each third wash using proofing agent for clothing with membranes, such as Nikwax TX Direct®. Polyester and polyamide (nylon) used in textile garments melt at high temperatures. There- fore, avoid contact with extreme heat from, for example, exhaust pipes.
Contact us or your dealer if you have any questions about garment care.