Leather or textile?

These days your personality and the feel of the material are decisive factors when it comes to choosing between leather and textile. Leather garments have long been the safest and most popular choice. For a lot of people, it is still the obvious choice. However, if you want lightweight, looser-fitting and weather-resistant clothing, then textile is the way to go. Today’s modern materials can keep out the very worst weather and let the body breathe. This is especially important in physically demanding riding situations. There have been incredible advances in the past few years in the safety of textile materials. Our own inhousedeveloped material HI-ART® (patent pending) has played an important part in this. HI-ART® is a specially developed textile which we use in our leather and textile clothes. It reduces the risk of friction wearing holes in garments and injuring the wearer. Our textile clothing with HI-ART® achieves frictional values that are surprisingly good when compared with normal leather items. Leather is naturally a favourite material of ours. It’s a part of our history. Leather working is a traditional industry here in Malung and a part of our cultural heritage. There’s certainly something special about leather. With leather clothing, the more you wear it, the better it gets. It is always right and always comfortable. A leather garment is a friend you would like to grow old with. Functional materials have had an impact here as well. Both our leather and textile ranges feature items of clothing using the wind and water-resistant functional membranes Dryway® and Dryway+®. These keep you warm and dry even when the leather or fabric is soaked through, improving comfort, which in turn increases passive safety. Improve comfort even more by adding the temperatureregulating material Outlast® and our TFL Cool System®, which helps dark materials stay as cool as light ones. So which one do you prefer? Leather or textile? It’s a personal choice. But deep down, we think you already know.