Teflon® fabric protector – Repellent Technologies.

Attributes Teflon® fabric protector forms a molecular barrier around each individual fiber. This barrier lowers the critical surface tension of the fabric so it repels most water- and oil based liquids without changing the color or feel of the garment.
Benefits Liquid spills bead up and roll off, and any residue can be easily wiped away or blotted with a clean cloth. Dry soils can be easily brushed away. Testing has shown fabrics treated with DuPont repellent technology dry faster than untreated fabrics. DuPont offers three repellent products for your needs.
Teflon® Shield Pro+ fabric protector Teflon® Shield Pro+ has higher durability requirements. For example, apparel must meet a minimum durability of 30 washes, and performance benefits can be seen out to 50 washes. For non-washable items, performance must be maintained after increased abrasion.
Quality and Durability Standards All DuPontTM Teflon® fabric protector products must pass stringent brand assurance criteria. These are outlined in the DuPont Global Specifications and Quality Control Tests for Fabrics Treated with DuPontTM Teflon® fabric protector booklet. We are an industry leader in brand assurance, with thousands of samples tested annually in order to carry the Teflon® brand.
Reduces Environmental Impact1 Consumers can use less energy, less natural resources and can reduce their carbon footprint because fabrics treated with Teflon® fabric protector – require less washing to remove stains – can be washed in 50% lower wash temperatures – can dry up to 40% faster in the dryer
Meets Global Industry Standards Teflon® fabric protector is compliant with all four classes of Oeko-Tex® standard 100 and is bluesign®-approved. For more information, please visit www.teflon.com/textilespartner